20041121113000: buddham sharanam gachchaami

if you didn't quite get the meaning of the title... it means... "i seek my refuge in the buddha"... i think after all these years of more or less escapism and dodging any semblance of spirituality, i think that i have realized that in some sense my beliefs have some congruence with the buddhist teachings of good karma, non-existence etc... so i have decided to flirt with the idea of seeing how buddhism works for me... maybe get somewhere close to salvation from this god-forsaken world.... we'll see... did my first 'prayer' in front of lord buddha at the chyogesa temple seoul...
felt weird to submit to a master is some sense... but knowing that he was a rajput prince and probably the most respectful amongst the lot... and influential too... so what the heck... we all need a guiding elder brother figure don't we?


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