20041120110000: shop-a-lotte-vaganza

in the lotte shopping center and the current exchange rate is about 1078 korean "won" to a usa dollar... so shopping is fun... but goddam expensive... electronics are six months newer than what u'd see in the local circuit city or best buy... and u thought usa was really out there huh??!! although it's fun carrying 50,000 krw's in your wallet... feel like a rich dude... although that would translate to $50... i'm such a cheap-ass.


Blogger abhay said...

back to the lotte shopping center... there's a duty free section... wierd eh... not really you can buy stuff and pick it up on your day of departure.... and it costs the same as the duty free stores at the airport... wanted to buy a fragrance for mom.. ended up buying it without realizing that i'll not be able to give to her... damn it... oh well looks like mary gets it for her bday on dec 23rd.

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